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Best forex trading account
Best forex trading account

In the dark ages of the Nixon years Vice President Spiro Agnew was given words that were more creative in villainizing his enemies. In a 1970 speech he declared that the liberal press was nothing more than some “nattering nabobs of negativism.” The phrase written for Agnew by uber-writer Bill Safire is a suitable burlesque of the phony righteousness that comes with separating “them” from “us.” Safire was a master rhetorician and clearly having some fun. But I’m not sure Agnew got the joke.

As the Supreme Court recently affirmed, denying that gay parents have a less constructive role to play in this institution has the effect of challenging their social legitimacy–a toxic rhetorical move when children are involved. It may be justifiable to question how individuals go about the business of managing their domestic lives. But its disingenuous to use use a hackneyed phrase that cheats its way to an unearned sense of moral superiority.

Its disingenuous to use a hackneyed phrase that cheats its way to an unearned sense of moral superiority.

Looking back at Princess Diana's enduring fashion legacy

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Paid Surveys Online is not a real way to make substantial money from home.

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Top 100 forex traders
Top 100 forex traders
Top 100 forex traders
Top 100 forex traders

Because I am not a giant trading academy that won’t remember you three months down the road…

I am unlike any other training service. Period.

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10 Pips A Day Forex Trading Strategy
10 Pips A Day Forex Trading Strategy

I applied through a recruiter. I interviewed at Binary Group (Arlington, VA).

Nice enough. Interviews with many people. President didn't seem too interested and most of the interview was taken up by his personal stories that didn't relate very closely to my job or company.

working environment is great. easy place to work

No negotiation accepted. Take it or leave it attitude.

For 1hr, stop loss should be 50-60pips while take profit should be 70-120pips, for 4hr stop loss should be 100pips while take profit should be 100-500pips
For 1hr, stop loss should be 50-60pips while take profit should be 70-120pips, for 4hr stop loss should be 100pips while take profit should be 100-500pips

In addition to these days that the markets are closed, there are also some additional New York Stock Exchange holiday schedules for various other days.

The London Stock Exchange hours of trading are:

This is in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

If a holiday falls on a Saturday, on Friday the stock market will be closed. If a holiday falls on a Sunday, on Monday the markets will be closed.

Are you getting confused over all the different timezones? is a helpful site allowing you to compare different timezones to your own local time.

This includes the NASDAQ, American Stock Market (AMEX) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the S&P 500.

The DAX stock index, is the primary stock index of the DTB (Deutsche Boerse) in Germany. The DAX index is calculated using prices from the Xetra electronic trading system from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Central European Time, and the DAX futures market is traded on the Eurex electronic trading system from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM Central European Time.

The London Stock Exchange also closes from 12:30 onward on December 24th and December 31st in advance of the upcoming holidays, with the market closing the previous or following week day should the holiday fall on a weekend.

Trading Account Statement

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With CTOption, you can find unique place to trade that is supported by a wide band of services and tools that are innovative and advanced. Besides being very transparent and responsive, this uniquely tailored broker can support every trading strategy and method.

I was assigned this broker via PUSHMONEYAPP.COM. I received a multitude of emails advising that I could make a lot of money using PushMoney software via emailed videos and presentations showing individuals with bank accounts in the hundreds of thousands of dollars just by pushing a button within the software in the brokers platform usin a bunary rboot for au to trading. I decided to give it a try since it was promised that I would be refunded my deposit if it didnt work as promised. Once I registered and funded an account for $250, it took nearly 2 months for my account to be located by CTOPTION with It then took another month for the PUSHMONEY softwate to be activated. I was then advised by my CTOPTION account manager not to use the PushMoney software or auto trade feature but to follow their traders using replicator. After several weeks, I began making a little money. I then asked my account manager when I could make withdrawals of the profits earned. I was advised that I had to submit certain "compliance" documents which had to be on file. After submitting the documents, I had to wait for them to be approved before any withdrawals could be requested. After about two weeks, the documents showed up in my account as approved. I then submitted a request for a withdrawal. I received an email from CTOPTION support staying that I was only entitled to withdraw the amount of my drposit. I then contacted my account manager and was advised that profits/earningd from trades were not permitted to be withdrawn. My response was that I can lose money ftomorrow making trades but was not entitled to win money and make withdrawals? He replied that any profits earned go towards his commissions as my account manager. I said WTF?? Why shoukd I continue doing this if all I get in return is the money I deposited into the account. Did not make sense! He then informed me for the first time that my account was on a trial basis. He said that in order for him to continue as my account manager that I had to upgrade my account. That meant that I had to deposit an additional $1500 otherwise I was in my own, trading wise. I informed both he and their customer support that I wanted to close my account and have my initial deposit returned. It has been 3 weeks now since I notified them and I still have not received a refund not have they responded to my cancellation request. I have sent several follow up emails with no response. Their guidelines state that withdrawals take from 24 hours to 5 business days to be processed. It has been well past that time frame and still no response. I wrote to member services support at for help but they keep telling me to contact my broker account manager. They have been no help at all even though I signed up for the account through them. I believe they are attempting to keep my deposit and hope I just go away. STAY AWAY from both PUSHMONEYAPP.COM and CTOPTION. They are uncooperative, deceitful, liars. They do not return emails nor phone calls. When I tried to call them, I get an answering service. The co-founders of are slick sales people and will have you believing everything they promise. DELETE ANY EMAILS YOU RECEIVE FROM THEM!! Right now all I can do to get my deposit back is to keep annoying them with emails and phone calls. There is no escalation process and no names available to contact. They are in the UK so you're screwed!

Touch Options and Range – A Medium Term Option expires after a few hours. Targeting a trader who seeks to capture those market situations and events that are unique.

NEVER EVER EVER do the bonus. It is a scam. First off you would have to do 30 times the 'bonus sum" which means the total of your funds plus the matching so if you put in $2500 and they match you have a $5000 account so you have to do $150,000 in trading volume before you can withdraw any amount. If you use the broker to trade your account, they control the amount and frequency of trades which seems to average about $7500 a month so it with take 20 months before you can withdraw any funds.Your account will show great profits and returns, and within a couple of weeks the broker will ask you to deposit more funds so your account can trade with more volume. This means your trading volume will be reset to ZERO and the process starts over again.Understand they ONLY trade your money, not the matching, not the profits. So with a $2500 investment they trade a portion of that. If you had an account like mine, it would show $5000 because of the matching bonus. In 6 weeks the account showed $12,000 and the broker starting pushing me to add another $2500 so the account would trade at $10k (they would "bonus" match $2500). I asked why the profits were not being invested to achieve a greater return and he danced around the issue. I asked him to send me 5k and I would reinvest $2500 and he told me I didn't have enough trading volume. I began asking questions and he said in another few months he might could release $500 as a favor but he would have to present it to the board.I started asking what the issue was if this was my money and he said it was their policy and to read the details on the website which I did. He again pushed me to add $2500 and I said no way, adding more while not be able to access funds that were supposedly mine would be insane and foolish. He said he would ask the board about advancing money and would call me back.Days passed and I never heard another word. I filled out a request for withdrawal on the website on a Friday. On the next Monday my account was heavily traded (27 trades @$50 netting $72 dollars) and no other trades or contact that week. The next Monday (today) my account was traded 20 times @$50 for a loss of $828. All previous trades before I requested funds and started asking questions were done 10 at a time, 2 or 3 times a week always generating a $200 to $400 profit.This is a scam, they are no agencies regulating any of these brokers, the money will be gone. Do not waste your time. This website and others like it are part of the scam. You will not see real complaints only whitewashed issues and fake claims of trading and profits. You will see posts of how they got money immediately which are not true. You will notice all the adds these agencies have on this website which is the payoff to keep the scam moving.

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