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Robinhood offers completely free stock and ETF trades.

A third option: Charles Schwab-owned optionsXpress, which gives its clients access to Schwab’s list of funds. OptionsXpress may be especially attractive to investors who trade ETFs and options; the broker excels at the latter, as you might guess.

ETFs have become the darling of the investing world, with a long list of investor-friendly attributes. They tend to have low expense ratios — the operating expenses of the fund, passed on to investors as an annual cost. They’re inherently diversified, at least within an asset class. And they’re traded like a stock.

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The flooring in a rental property needs to be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Since it is a rental, you want the material you choose to be cost effective, but you do not want to be replacing the floors every year, so you need to choose something that is also durable. Learn the pros and cons of seven popular flooring materials so you can choose the best option for your rental property.

If you were choosing materials for your own home, you may want the most exotic marble or a unique lime green backsplash. As an investment property owner, your material choices need to appeal to the masses. Your best bet is to stick with neutral materials.

If two tile options are similar, but one costs ten cents more per square foot, go with the cheaper one.

See Also: Best and Worst Places to Install Carpet in Rental Properties

Different areas of the rental property may have different flooring needs. Areas such as basements and bathrooms tend to be damp and humid, so you want to avoid putting carpet, which can get moldy, or hardwood, which can warp, in those areas.

It will still accomplish the same task of giving you a brand new floor.

3. Consider the Function of the Room:

A durable, hard tile can be a good choice in a widely used common area.

Agricultural Supply Chain Adaptation Facility - Graphic
Agricultural Supply Chain Adaptation Facility - Graphic

A hacker can track people and snoop for their data using their IP address. Angry IP Scanner also goes by the name of ”ipscan” and helps someone scan IP addresses and ports to look for doorways into a user’s system. It is an open source and cross-platform software and one of the most efficient hacking tools present in the market. Network administrators, as well as system engineers, are known to use Angry IP Scanner quite frequently.

Cain & Abel is a password recovery and hacking tool, primarily used for Microsoft systems. It helps with password recovery by cracking encrypted passwords using a few brute force methods like the dictionary method. Cain & Abel can also record VoIP conversations and recover wireless network keys.

Other noteworthy tools include Nmap, Wireshark, Aircrack-ng, Nessus, THC Hydra, Netcat and Putty.

Kali Linux was released in August 2015. It has a major release known as Kali Linux 2.0. This app is packed with distribution and interface tools. It has an improved hardware and supports a large number of Desktop environments. Kali Linux is a security-focused operating system you can run off a CD or USB drive, anywhere. With its security toolkit, you can crack Wi-Fi passwords, create fake networks, and test other vulnerabilities.

Burp Suite Spider, which is used to map out and list the different parameters and pages of a website merely by examining the cookies and initiating connections with applications residing in the website, is arguably the most important component of Burp Suite. Vulnerabilities in the web applications can be easily identified using Burp Suite, and many hackers employ this method to find a suitable point of attack.

John the Ripper is a password cracking tool and uses the method of a dictionary attack, where different combinations of the words in a dictionary are matched against an encrypted string to find a hit. John the Ripper is obviously a brute force technique, and its viability depends on the strength of the password chosen by the user. Like all brute force methods, it will give a positive result, though the time it spends in doing so helps one decide whether to opt for it or not. It is a common tool used by hackers, though.

Metasploit is another cryptographic tool that is hugely popular with hackers, whether they are black hat or white hat. It helps hackers gain knowledge about known security vulnerabilities. Its evasion tools are one of the many applications of Metaspoilt.

In this article, we saw some common and popular hacking tools that are used extensively by hackers to help them in their task. These tools are also used by both cyber-criminals and ethical hackers to infiltrate or to protect a system respectively.

Jamie McMurray Partnership Celebration | CreditOneBank
Jamie McMurray Partnership Celebration | CreditOneBank

We invite you to book a free, ‘one on one’ session with Hugh to custom design a program that works best for you. Or simply check the grid below to see what is most appropriate for your situation.

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Get serious through our top notch training. Fast track to success, learning only what is required to make money quickly, consistently and confidently. Our mentoring programs are designed to accommodate you!

Get serious with our winning picks. The Daily Pick is sent every morning before the opening bell while the Launch Pad triggers soon thereafter, both accurate trade entry tools. Best of all, they’re simple to use!

Get serious and get ‘in the loop’ with the Inner Circle. Head Trader/Trainer Hugh posts his premarket assessment and follow-up report. In addition, check out the Thursday night webinars and training discounts!

Credit One Bank Launches NASCAR Campaign | Bespoke Sports & Entertainment
Credit One Bank Launches NASCAR Campaign | Bespoke Sports & Entertainment

He did not respond to a CNBC email sent Sunday night after Greeks overwhelmingly voted against a new austerity package.

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SCAM: Credit One Bank Visa Platinum - YouTube
SCAM: Credit One Bank Visa Platinum - YouTube

Secondly, vertical spreads can lower premium in a high volatility environment. If you expect a move in an underlying, the likelihood is the market does too and implied volatility may be high making options expensive. By buying and selling an option you get to take advantage of a bit of that high premium in the sale. If volatility comes in, both options are affected so the loss of premium on your bought option is somewhat mitigated. Of course, if stock flies past all your strikes, you will be sorry you didn’t buy a straight up call or put as your profits with a vertical spread are limited, but if your predictions of the size of moves are accurate more often than not, then you will save some money buying call or put spreads.

A vertical spread, as used on the site, is primarily a directional play. A vertical spread that is positive or negative delta will remain so no matter where stock moves. Unless one of the options is at-the-money and the other far from it, changes in volatility will not have a huge effect on a vertical spread.

Addendum: In response to a question about how to choose options for a bull put spread, we had the following response:

The biggest consideration in a bull put spread would be reward to risk. You want to look at what you would be receiving in credit for the put spread, your max return, versus the difference between the strikes, your maximum loss. Often bull put spreads are done using the at-the-money or close to at-the-money options for the higher put. At-the-money options are most affected by decay and falling volatility (theta, vega). For the put you buy, you have to consider your conviction and risk tolerance. It’s tempting to buy the far out-of-the-money, but would you be willing to lose the difference between the two strikes if stock were to gap down there? For probability you can take a look at the delta of the lower put, this will tell you the probability that this put will end up in the money. You also might consider sentiment in the underlying, if there are certain resistance points to the downside. Also volatility skews mean that the further out-of-the-money a put is the higher the volatility skew and therefore it will cost more proportional to it’s probability of ending up in the money. You also want to consider time frame. Do you expect stock to go up right away or long-term and do you want to avoid the volatility of certain events in between? The nice thing about a bull put spread is you don’t have to guess the correct move as accurately as with a bull call spread. You just need to get direction right. Also a bull put spread is something you might want to manage and have cut off points where you might take it off or roll it out to a different month if stock starts going against you.

There are a few reasons you might use a vertical spread rather than simply buying or selling a call or put in order to take advantage of a predicted directional move. For one, vertical spreads have limited risk. The most you can lose on a debit vertical spread is the amount paid. The most you can lose on a credit spread is the difference between the two strikes minus the credit received. The flip side of this mitigated risk is that profits too are limited. The maximum return on a debit vertical spread is the difference between the strike prices minus the amount paid and for a credit vertical spread the maximum return is the credit received.

The vertical spread is one of our favorite strategies on the site. A vertical spread, involves buying and selling a call, a call spread, or buying and selling a put, a put spread, of the same expiration but different strikes. A vertical spread can be bullish or bearish and can be for debit or credit.

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Capital One Bank Logo

There are many different online trading platforms like EToro,, and If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your reviews below. is a company that says potential investors can say "goodbye to trading commissions and hello to the future of trading" with their affordable digital trading platform.

This trading platform is still under construction so members who are interested in joining should submit their email address to be added to their list of members who wish to be notified as the platform continues development. is currently in beta mode but they do offer a chart of the fees they will charge once accounts are up and running. Most of their fees are associated with the process of withdrawing money or transferring it out of your account.

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